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Responsibility for the government’s online service - Directgov - is set to become part of the Cabinet Office minister’s brief. Iain Duncan-Smith, who is Secretary for Work and Pensions, currently oversees Directgov’s functions. However, Frances Maude is about to take charge of’s website in yet another shake-up …


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How many users?

Hits is a very vague metric.

How many actual users does that "20 million hits translate" to? I suspect its just 10,000 -ish.



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Symptoms not problem

DirectGov is the wrong solution. It's little more than an umbrella brand over disparate Government services. It doesn't make them easier to find or use.

If I want to find a government service, I'll first try the site belonging to the department I think owns it. If I can't find it there, I'll Google it.

Apart from a crappy orange logo and some press releases, DirectGov doesn't add anything.

OK, it also provides a hosting platform based on (I think) Stellent for those Gov departments (at least the ones that fit the DirectGov model) to consolidate their pages onto. However, unless you're just publishing simple content pages, you don't fit the model. That's why you have to shell out of DirectGov to renew your tax disc.

And if you are just publishing content, there are better, cheaper ways than using Stellent. A government-wide install of Drupal and WordPress would take car of content sites big and small.

It's OK if you like orange though.


Yup, DirectGov is the Yahoo! front page of government

A big old gaudy branding mess slapped on what's essentially a disparate set of services that you can find a lot faster just by Googling.

That they keep moving things around doesn't help either - it really is easier to just Google for what you want rather than to play hunt-the-moving-link.

Aggregator FAIL.

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DWP made it work

When in Cabinet Office, DirectGov claimed that you could use a 3rd party digital certificate for secure access, but a very respected IT consultancy could not make that work. Moving DG to DWP made it work a lot better, but it seemed odd for DWP to be a service supplier to other depts, so taking it back to a non-spending dept makes sense. And there is a new team at Cabinet Office, hopefully more approachable than the original group.

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