back to article Sky in talks to sell Easynet, claim insiders

Sky has held talks to spin off its networking business Easynet, according to insiders. Senior management at Easynet, which Sky bought for £211m in 2005, are planning a buyout, sources who spoke on condition of anonymity said. Easynet's CEO David Rowe and chief planning and technology officer Justin Fielder are understood to …


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i had to re-read that.. initial scan returned talk-talk were buying SkyNet..

i welcome etc..


If that we're the case...

... we wouldn't have to worry about the RoTM anymore as Talk-Talk are so bloody useless Skynet would never get a decent bit of bandwidth to spread itself round the world (all the terminators would probably outsource themselves to India as well).


Contributed a loss ?

Easynet may have contributed revenue to Sky, but they contributed a greater sum of costs and continued to be loss making.


Cable & Wireless will be watching this with interest

If Sky are successful with this then I reckon Cable & Wireless will do the same to Thus choppity-chop! ;) (If they're not planning it already).

Daisy Communications, (A reseller for C&W anyway), appear to be in the market for further aquisitions and would still leave C&W receiving revenue from a resold Thus.

Sign of the times in telecomms, subscribers and employees losing out to the shareholders as normal......

Pirates (yar!) because that's what senior management are a bunch of.....


Seems weird to me...

A little birdie who works in Sky told me when they bought easynet that their satellites are way past their sell-by date to fall out of the sky, and are in fact also renting an extraordinary amount of bandwidth from other satellite providers.

When Sky bought easynet, it was believed that this wasn't just a way to get into the triple-play market and one-upmanship against Virgin Media, but in fact an absolute necessity for Sky in order to use the broadband infrastructure and get enough broadband penetration so as to transfer the TV broadcast signal from satellite to IPTV. Needless to say, Sky already have IPTV services (evidence the Xbox 360 Sky player), and of course TV on the web sites... I guess the broadband speedup isn't fast enough yet, but that's all the more excuse for us to pan the current state of broadband provision in this country and open up Openwoe's stranglehold on charging us arbitrary 50p tax hikes at BT's bequest and OFinCOMpetence.

@lotuswolf: while I don't really know Thus, I do know Demon and I more than certainly know of Cowboy & Witless from the infamy that made CWCommunications (pre Virgin Media, pre ntl) and Bulldog (the original fast ISP) into impotent nothings and still embroil themselves in scandal and debt without any help from acquisitions. See Cowboy & Witless come, and do yourself a favour: run away!

This topic is closed for new posts.


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