back to article IBM wrings more profit from revived IT market

Looks like all of those pink slips IBM handed out in the first quarter and the improving global economy is going to yield some big fat bonuses for the bigwigs thanks to a steady second quarter financial performance and the ongoing march to higher profits for Big Blue. In the quarter, IBM's overall revenues were up a meager 2 …


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PowerPC For Google PC !

"IBM's Microelectronics division, which makes and sells chips as well as intellectual property, had a 23 per cent sales increase in Q2."

Now that ARM is attacking Intel from below, IBM should team up with Google to provide a PC using the POWER architecture. IBM should let Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co produce the entry-level chips (upt to 2 GHz) and make the high-end stuff (2-4GHz) in their own fabs.

With Linux there is no reason to use x86 - with Javascript even less so. Also, Google engineers can certainly come up with a good solution for a multi-ISA build and code distribution system.

Continuing development solely for AIX, AS/400 and gaming does not proide the revenue streams the need.

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Re PowerPC for Google PC

I just don't see it.

There's insufficient volume there, too much qualification and validation R&D required and Power chipset is too expensive for this space, in comparison to the optiosnonth etable today from Intel and AMD.

The latest Power7 chip can be reached in all but the top 10% of its performance stretch by the top Intel architecture (at a fraction of the cost), so if it weren't for the proprietary platforms of P-series and i-Series, this line would be a dodo.

Perhaps an approach with Xenon or Cell architectures?


GooglePC / POWER Strategy

My plan would be

1.) create a Reference PCB Board Design which is free for all, including the Initial Program Loader

2.) Adapt the Google Linux to the Reference Design

3.) Contract with TSMC to build low-cost entry-level Power CPUs. Pricing must be competitive with AMD, including the chipset (also to be made by TSMC).

4.) Higher-end CPUs to be manufactured by IBM

5.) Invite World&Dog to copy the Reference Design and to purchase the CPUs from IBM/TSMC.

6.) Hire a competent marketing company to hype it up along the lines of the first Google Phone.


And yet...

All we hear is how there's no money for bonuses for staff, no money for pay rises, no money for new equipment or software licenses, no money for social activities, no money to subsidise the canteens properly...

But there's still PLENTY of money for huge customer events overseas and for IBM to keep buying up other companies!

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