back to article Data Domain gets Nehalem boost

We understand Data Domain is introducing a new top-end mainstream product, more than twice as fast as HP's D2D4312 StoreOnce deduplication offering. The DD6xx series of products is Data Domain's mainstream, with the DD880 being its extreme high-end appliance, deduping at up to 8.8TB/hour. The DD690 is the fastest mainstream …


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Nice if you use Symantec

While I have to agree these quoted speeds are impressive you need to remember a number of small facts.

i. In the past DataDomain have only quoted speeds based on the use of NetBackup and OST, I am assuming now these are also dependent on the new OST Boost product.

ii. I assume this speed is dependant on a network with end to end 10 GbE.

iii. Maxing out the injest of the appliance is seldom achieved as usually the limit of concurrent streams is reached first.

So beware if you are anything but a Symantec customer, you might want to do some performance testing first.


Speeds & Feeds

Check out the spec sheet

5.4TB/hr with DD-Boost & 10GbE, so they're offloading de-dupe to media servers.

Netbackup & OST speed is actually 3.6TB/hr with 10GbE.

But what's the price ? Maybe you could buy 2 x the competition and not faf about with OST & DDBoost.

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