back to article Pentax relaunches 'vintage-look' compact

Pentax has taken its Optio I-10 compact camera and given it a tasty retro makeover. With that leather-esque body, case and strap, it certainly looks like my dad's old camera. Pentax Optio I-10 The internals are modern, though: 12.1Mp sensor; 5x optical zoom; 28mm wide angle lens; CCD-shift shake-reduction rig; 720p video …


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Crying out for an EVF

Optical viewfinders got dropped from compacts for a combination of reducing body size, increasing screen size (no matter how misguided) and difficulty of keeping pace with ever-extending zooms. But now there's a lump that looks like it should have a viewfinder; an EVF would be great and avoid the zoom problem, but no. Just looks silly, like a netbook with ugly bezels round a 7" screen.

Monumentally ugly overall still, anyway.

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No thanks.

I'll stick with my ancient Hasselblad. Anything from B&W film to my 39Mp back ... Works for me, anyway :-)

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