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Five HD has gone live on Virgin Media - months after the up-for-sale channel lost its space on Freeview HD. Five HD is a simulcast of Five and will - VM said - include "a wide array of programmes made in the High Definition format". That's code for 'some programmes will be upscaled from standard definition'. Loss-making Five …


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Given up on them

A few years ago they were getting their highest viewing figures. Then the rot started.

Unsurprisingly their highest viewing figures were in their logo free era.

Then there was the picture quality drop when they moved multiplex, I watched the BT Vision streams with no logos instead.

Last time I watched a 5th gear I skipped through it. A bit annoying, bad picture and an even more annoying logo.

And Gadget Show was getting silly too!

IT Angle

is this news?

there's never been anything worth watching on five. mindless shite is still mindless shite even when it's in hd. and just because the mindless shite is brought to us through beardie's cable interweb doesn't stop it being mindless shite either. better quality picture and sound is no fucking use if the content's still shite.

i wonder why five walked away from their freeview hd slot. that is valuable and might have been the only thing which would encourage someone to buy the channel

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