back to article Beardyman beats up with Dolby

Sound specialist Dolby has teamed up with human beatbox maestro Beardyman in a new video to promote its virtual surround sound chip for laptops, tablets and phones. Created by Espionage, an agency specialising in yoof culture, the four-minute clip features both video and animation fused with the comedy genius of Beardyman - or …


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Can't hear any difference

I watched/listened to the video but couldn't tell any difference when it was on or off.

Admitedly, I wasn't listening with headphones, but via my AV receiver and speakers in analogue 2.0 mode.

My computer is connected via 6 channel analogue to the 6ch Ext. Input and also via digital optical S/PDIF. When the digital input is selected, my AV receiver can upmix 2.0 audio to 5.1 so thats what I have it set to most of the time.


In response to Simon2

Hi Simon,

I spoke with our technical marketing manager here at Dolby, so I could get back to you on your query. His reponse was af follows and I hope it helps.

“This demo is only optimised for playback over headphones. In the ‘ON’ mode, virtualised surround sound will be heard. But, if audio playback utilises traditional speakers, the nuance and spatialization can be lost (as the distance from the ear and phase alignment of each speaker is unpredictable).

Upmixing this processed 2 channel audio using an AVR will also produce unpredictable results.”

If you'd like to know anymnore then please reply.


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