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Infinity says it has a true carbon-neutral data centre at it's Infinity ONE site near Martleshan Heath in Suffolk, UK. The tier 1 centre is powered using biomass, dark green vegetable matter grown by a local farming co-operative, fed into an anaerobic digester produced by Thöni Industriebetriebe GMBH   The biomass is digested …


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Correcting a few facts

This comment is firm Martin Lynch, Infinity's CEO:-

Hi Chris I ... saw your article and wanted to correct a few facts. Firstly we offer Tier 3 as standard and can readily deliver Tier 4. High availability is what our business is all about; that's why we were first in Europe to be Tier IV certified. We do not do Tier 1.

The site really is using dark green energy, the grid IS just there for backup. All of our customers demand grid backup in case of plant failures etc. It's just the way it is in terms of people getting confident with self generation. Our current designs are based on a. PUE of 1.2 so this is not just green energy but efficient use of energy as well with the option of borehole cooling instead of chillers if customers wish.

We're also just looking at a 15mw solar plant now that feed in tariffs support the case to support power delivery during daytime hours. We are are looking at a variety of ways to use that most efficiently and trying to package the power cost effectively to encourage the move to green. ... it's real, not a 10,000 cow R&D myth.


Thank you Martin.

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