back to article considers tougher powers for ICO (again)

The government has announced yet another round of deliberations on whether the Information Commissioner should get tougher powers, as part of a wider consideration of data protection legislation. The Ministry of Justice today called for views on custodial sentences for data protection offences, a measure which the previous …


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ICO to be given the power to only say "Please", instead of "Pretty please with sugar on top".

Just scrap the whole bloody waste of money, and give it to the CPS and SFO to actually prosecute Wrong 'Uns. Or better yet, send Her Majesty's Customs and Revenue round to audit them.


The problem is the regulator

Incompetent, by their own admission.

Under resourced, so they claim.

Remarkably unwilling to use the enforcement powers they already have.

And lacking independence (according to EUFRA).

Until these wasters are thrown out of Wilslow, there is no point tinkering with the legislation.

The ICO data protection unit are incompetent, parasitic, corrupt, useless bunch of pointless chumps.

Here ICO, take your coat and go. You failed.


Wrong Direction

More powers? The ICO cannot cope with what they receive. They take far too long to deal with enquiries. Waste time and money writing 3 page letters when 3 short paragraphs would suffice. Get them proper management not more power. A comparison with their opposite numbers in the Channel Islands would show up just how dreadful the mainland ICO actually is.

40% efficiency savings here could easily be made by the application of quality business standards.



For those who remember, the ICO made a ruling on the Phorm/BT conspiracy. After a private word from above they change their ruling, making the illegal legal. we need an independent ICO, one that refuses to get involved in corruption, or be a puppet for criminals

Thumb Up

lets NOT forget the other ECJ case

"The Commission's infringement process has three steps, the first being a Letter of Formal Notice requesting information. Second comes a Reasoned Opinion - today's step. Finally the Commission can refer the UK to the Court of Justice."

lets also NOT Forget the Second Reasoned Opinion Regarding the related European Court of Justice (ECJ) case


“The United Kingdom currently faces prosecution in the European Court of Justice, after the Government failed three times to explain to the European Commission’s satisfaction why the relevant European Communication Privacy Directives had not been implemented in the UK.”

hmm the time line for UK compliance expire Christmas eve 2009 for the reply ? that never came, so the EU wheels turn for an automatic ECJ case now ?

Regards the ECJ case, ISP review reported that the Home Office responded (late) on 18 January.

See here

There’s been no statement by the European Commission or the Home Office, and the Home Office have refused to disclose the content of their response (or indeed either of the preceding responses).

So its all a bit of a mystery."

you might also find

'NoDPI meets the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills' and other news facts there interesting and related.

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