back to article iTunes hack used to fiddle App Store ratings

Compromised Apple App Store accounts have been abused by rogue developers to boost their ranking and increase their sales. Hijacked accounts were reportedly used to buy multiple copies of previously obscure Vietnamese-language eBooks, in an apparent bid to game the iTunes ranking system. The eBooks concerned have been pulled …


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its not a problem with the app store

its the algorithm in your eyes that displays the rating of your product. - The algorithm displays the ratings higher than they actually are.

Get new eyes, shouldnt be difficult should it?

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Ratings higher than they really are?

Like the iPhone's signal strength bars lie^Wreport an idealised truth? Is this a result of iMaths?


Want to get your APP to number 1!!!!!

There's an App for that. :)

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A flaw...

in an Apple product... Really?

I do like Apple products. Well, I like my iPod touch, and the iPad looks neat. But I do think this whole Apple on a pedestal fanbois stuff is a bit much. Nice to see Apple getting knocked down a peg or 2 recently.

It's all ok anyway, because HTML 5 will fix everything... right?

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App Store not curated enough for you?

Most Register articles about the App Store complain about all the App Store rejections and the arbitrary rules that cause them. This article complains about the lack of rules and the misguided App Store approvals that result from this lack.

Congratulations, Register, for landing squarely on both sides of the fence.

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So round about seven or eight weeks ago...

...I started getting a spate of spam emails with subject lines like "You Have Received a $50 iTunes Gift Certificate!" and "iTunes Account Gift Certificate enclosed." They all contained, naturally enough, an .exe file attachment, which for obvious reasons I didn't try to run.

Anyone want to take any bets as to whether or not the .exe would have asked me for an iTunes account name and password (to "apply" the gift certificate, natch) and whether or not any account names and passwords I dutifully typed in would be sent to Vietnamese hackers?

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Change of password

If their password was "password" or "password1", at least they will change it to something less used like "password3"

So will apple still keep their 30% share of the sales, or will that be refunded too?

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