back to article Sony turns a profit on PS3, so why cut prices?

Sony is no longer "bleeding" on the Playstation 3, and is making a small profit for the first time on sales of the console. The company is keen to defend a $299 retail price point and as PS3 stocks are low, and demand is high, it has no need to drop prices just yet. That's what Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony's Worldwide …


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No need to cut prices.

PS3 is selling like hot cakes, for £220 pricepoint, it offers excellent value for money already. It's a fantastic Blu-Ray player, a great upscaler, and a excellent games console and media streamer.

Sure you can get a bottom of the range VERY basic no-name Blu-Ray player these days for sub-£100, but why bother?

Anonymous Coward


But for only £480 more you can get an iPad orrrrrr a 42in tv for the playstation.

Decisions, decisions.

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