back to article Adobe kills separate mobile Flex under Jobsian Flash attack

Adobe will not produce a version of the Flash-based Flex framework for smartphones, having decided to add features for mobiles to its Flex for desktops instead. Hero, the next version of Adobe's Flex framework, will add components such as touch and the ability to automatically scale applications on different devices with …


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Now if only Adobe would release a "secure mode" version of their products. Reader without any blue crystals so that it just displays a PDF, but doesn't run scripts. Flash that only plays movies and really basic adverts. So on and so forth. They could split the offerings: full fat with all the features but much of the danger, or super-basic with no shiny, but "good enough" for at least 80% of the content.

Unless Adobe offer something like this, I see them fading into insignificance on the web fairly soon.

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