back to article Pillar Data ditches staffers, shrugs

Pillar Data has fired some of its workforce, but it's no big deal according to the company. ESG's senior analyst and co-founder Steve Duplessie revealed the news in a tweet late yesterday, saying: "Looks like Pillar canned a bunch of folks. Unfortunately predictable" — implying that the firm was downsizing in response to …


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Who would want to work at Pillar??

I don't know anyone that currently works at Pillar, but I know plenty of people that HAVE worked there. It seems to be a revolving door, no sooner are they in than they leave - usually of their own accord.

The product just doesn't do what they say it will do, and performance is bad.

There's a reason they aren't as prevalent as any of the "new" storage competitors (such as Equalogic, 3par, Lefthand, Compelent etc).

It's certainly not a company that successful people work for.

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Way behind the storage pack.

Pillar are odd recruiters - using a naive graduate-project style questionaire to vet sales post applicants. No focus on business technology, just cold calling techniques. Sign of a company in trouble, EMC they are not.

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