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Paul Frields, who has been getting his paycheck from Red Hat to run the Fedora development Linux variant since 2008, is moving back inside the company to work on Enterprise Linux, and an outsider named Jared Smith is being brought in as the new Fedora Project Leader. Frields joined Red Hat in February 2008, replacing Max …


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Bits slightly wrong

Thanks for the write-up. Bits of it are slightly off, though :)

Paul isn't 'moving back inside the company'. Like Jared, he didn't work for Red Hat before being brought in as FPL. He worked for the US government prior to getting the FPL position. The next paragraph makes it seem like you actually get this, so the reference to 'moving back' I guess is just a think-o.

"These five individuals have steered the Fedora development process, which ultimately results in a hardened, commercial-grade product called Red Hat Enterprise Linux."

Not...exactly :) The Fedora development process results in Fedora. RHEL is built via a quite separate process which happens entirely within Red Hat. To put it briefly, we see the relationship as simple - Fedora is RHEL's upstream. They're not part of the same development process.

"Fedora Talk, yet another open source VoIP telephony system."

Not really - it's just an implementation of existing components for the purpose of providing the Fedora project with voice communication. It's not unique code. It's built with Asterisk and stuff.

Thanks again, though.

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Additional info...

Also, I would say that "outsider" implies that Jared has had limited or no contact with Fedora previously. On the contrary, he's a Fedora community member that's been involved in project teams fairly regularly over the last few years. More information can be found in the Red Hat blog entry or our community announcement at:

Jared's familiar with not only Fedora but also the relationships between the Fedora Project and Red Hat, and between Fedora the distribution and Red Hat Enterprise Linux the product. Digium works on a somewhat similar model with the Asterisk community and codebase, in fact.

I'll be assisting Jared for a little while through the development cycle of Fedora 14, much as Max did with me for Fedora 9. I'm happy that Red Hat feels that hiring a Fedora Project Leader from among the community has been beneficial enough to repeat the process, and I'm looking forward to the opportunity to work with Jared as the new FPL.

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