back to article CPU, GPU makers gussie up their wares for Hot Chips

The annual Hot Chips symposium on high-performance chips will be hosted by the IEEE at Stanford University this August 21-23, and heavyweights in the microprocessor and other chip rackets will be on hand to talk up their latest innovations. As usual. To get everybody fired up about the event, Hot Chips has posted the program …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Rainbow Falls is falling off a cliff

    Oracle will stay in the hardware business, just not as a strategic part of the business. It's all about high cost appliances which drive software dollars and lock in customers. The only reason Oracle is keeping the T chips around is because they use tons of licenses. The real problems is all the talent has left and you cannot just high top chip talent off the street when the good people have gone to CISCO, HP and even Microsoft.

    The M-Class systems will be gone from Oracle's portfolio even before the next speed bump comes out. The SPARC64 VIII has been canceled so SPARC64 will never see 45nm.

    Oracle is also looking to OEM Dell for Exadata V3.

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