back to article BT Vision signs contract for Sky Sports channels

BT has agreed terms with Sky to offer its premium sports channels, after Ofcom forced the satellite broadcaster to offer them to rivals at capped prices. The contract means BT Vision subscribers will be offered Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2 from 1 August, in time for the start of the football season on 14 August. BT hasn't …


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Anonymous Coward

Sod that

Sod the Sky channels, BT still hasn't explained why iPlayer isn't available through their Vbox. It is after all an internet connected Windows based device, it can't be too hard.

Actually they don't have to explain. At the moment they charge their customers to watch BBC repeats available through BTVision's on demand services, they don't want to make iPlayer available because it will cut off a useful revenue stream. How is this even legal?

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TV Replay is a pay service for a reason...

The opening comment isn't really much to do with the Sky Sports stuff but if one person moans... another will argue that they are wrong.

Pretty obvious why iPlayer isn't on BTV.

Vision has to pay its way. Letting spongers use the current infrastructure for gratis isn't good business sense and it's well known that UK ISPs are struggling to keep up with VOD. Imagine giving full iPlayer access to the ~450k subscribers overnight. Appart from hitting revenue it'll break some parts of the BT network.

As it stands (as a subscriber) - I think TV Replay is well worth the money. There's no worries about picture quality and whether or not it's going to cut out half way through for buffering.

The much talked about Project Canvas will deliver the free stuff that the "Sod That" poster wants. It is supposed to use a different distribution method making it easier on ISPs to deliver cost effective VOD. Till then - paying for BBC/ITV Player/4OD, Demand 5 on BT Vision - well worth it and the basic package is good value.

With Sky Sports added - fingers crossed BT will sell it at a good price and have some cut price offers.


Good news & bad news

The good news is that Sky will have to start charging more reasonable prices. The bad news is that BT Vision is a crock. I do not know a single person who has it and who is happy with it. In fact several have asked to have it removed and have gone back to whatever they used in the past.

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