back to article Adobe hurries out PDF app Flash fixes

Adobe has confirmed plans to release critical security updates for Reader and Acrobat next Tuesday. The cross-platform patches are designed to plug a Flash-related vulnerability that's become the target of hacking attacks since early this month. Adobe fixed the flaw in Flash Player itself on 10 June. Support for Flash in Adobe …


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Fixed the vulernabity earlier this week :)

For the last month, every time I restarted Windows, Adobe Updater would pop up telling me there was an update to install. I clicked the Install button, and off it would merrily go for a couple of minutes, then pop back up telling me it was successful.

Got fed up of this earlier in the week, so uninstalled all Adobe shit. Guess that's the vulnerability removed :)


I don't want FLASH, Java, Javascript, etc.

The original beauty of PDF was that it was relatively simple, rendered beautifully on printer while retaining the ability to browse on computer with search function and table of contents. Beyond that I don't want anything else in my PDFs.

I understand how Adobe's Marketing Department believes they must continue to bloat their product in order to sell "upgrades". But as long as I live in a mostly-free capitalist country I will exercise my right as a consumer to not-consume Adobe's product.

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