back to article Yahoo!'s 'interwebs MySQL' crunches four years of Twitter

Yahoo! has plugged its YQL web query language into a third-party API that lets developers access and analyze a sea of Twitter data dating back to 2006. "This is the real strength of YQL," Yahoo! technical evangelist Tom Hughes-Croucher told The Reg this morning at the net-infrastructure-obsessed Velocity conference in Santa …


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Just tried it ...

SELECT comment

FROM 4yearsofTwitter

WHERE valuable = 'yes'



(0 row(s) affected)

DROP 4yearsofTwitter


Reinventing SparQL

There already are tools to do this. They use SparQL to query the semantic web. Every week better ones appear on the mailing list associated with

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4 years or twitter...

must be a mind numbing amount of data. Even looking at the SCSI arrays that hold that data could lead to a lowering of the IQ, and, possibly, stupidity. Mind numbing indeed.

But it begs the question: in a world where nobody much cares what was said on twitter last week, WHY would anyone care what was said on twitter 4 years ago? And why would any company care to store all of that, index it, and present it to the world? Truly mind numbing.


Trstrank: 8.3?

Any company still making their software components conform to 8.3 is not to be trsted.

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