back to article Data roaming megabill clampdown starts next week

From next week travellers using mobile data in Europe will be cut off from the internet if they hit a €50 bill limit. New EU regulations designed to prevent huge surprise bills come into force on 1 July. Mobile operators will be required to warn customers when they reach 80 per cent of the bill ceiling. Those who want to …


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Business as usual for robbing consumers blind

The WHOLESALE prices of data might be capped at €0.80, but O2; my operator, will continue to charge me £3 per MB! I'll be switching to Vodafone, who are reducing their charges to £1/MB. Still shameful in this day & age, but marginally more palatable.

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Would like to see this in the US

Warning when your bill is 150% of normal, must call carrier to release hold when bill hits 200% of normal monthly amount.

Seems like it would save a huge amount of complaints, credits, etc. Option to set your own trigger points as a bonus.


Mobile roaming charges...

To be honest, I'm not too convinced on this.

I've just spent 30 minutes and listening to the o2 hold music (with vast amounts of white noise introduced to ensure you don't stay on hold too long). And what was my question? Why do they charge me 18p a minute to receive a call in the EU when the legislation says it should be a maximum of 16p?

The answer, after 30 minutes on hold, that until o2 are contacted to say they are in breach of legislation they will continue to charge what they deem to be a fiar price.

T-Mobile's response as to why they have translated the 43c in to 43p and 19c in to 19p, "They will continue to charge these prices until they are notified that they are in breach of any rules." Exactly the same as o2.

So, in effect, all this feel good stuff aboujt how the EU is working-it for us, it doesn't actually mean anything unless the body responsible actually chases up the Telcos to force them to do it.

Now when you consider that mobile broadband roaming is the new Telco cash cow, what do you think wilkl be the response on this?

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