back to article Tilera to stuff 200 cores onto single chip

Multicore chip upstart Tilera has announced an ambitious product roadmap for its TileGX systems-on-a-chip that will see the company plunk up to 200 cores – plus their memory and peripheral controllers and a mesh network linking the chips – onto a single die within the next few years. The company is also trotting out a new server …


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32 bits?

With all those cores and just 32 bits? If that's only a true 32 bit process address space then that's going to lead to some nasty memory addressing models to make use of large amounts of memory on single data sets. I thought by now designers would have realised all the nastiness that that introduces. Surely that's a regressive step.

Anonymous Coward


Finally, a system that will be able to run a single Java application almost as well as a good C or C++ program on an old 386 piece of hardware.

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