back to article Dyson delivers new deskfan duo

Appliance giants Dyson has announced two additions to its deskfan range. Stepping away from the original loop design, the AM02 Tower Fan, available in iron/blue and all-silver finishes stands at approximately a metre tall. Designed to take up minimal floor space, it amplifies air 16 times, drawing in 33 litres each second. …


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£300 for a desk fan!

Bloody Hell!

Does it bathe my fevered brow, peel me grapes and bring me beer and snacks? No? Then I think I'll pass.

For that money I could buy an iPad and just waft it from side to side in front of my face.

...Wanders off to register iFan as a trademark before Apple get to it...

Would that make me an iFanBoy?

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