back to article iSoft shuffles board as shares continue to fall

iSoft shares continued to fall yesterday despite a supposedly reassuring update from the health provider. The company, at the centre of the UK's National Programme for IT, said some had misunderstood its earlier update: an update which it has already had to clarify when it was interpreted as criticism of the government and of …


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trading model

iSoft's trading, in its previous incarnation, had seemed unusual. It surprised me the Australians bought it.

The time taken to produce Lorenzo seemed remarkably long.

Open Source is the only satisfactory way to progress with medical record systems and medical Practice automation.

That leaves CSC the only survivor, I think, of the trio of huge consultancies that took up the invitation to do something or other for CfH, now NPfIT, and soon to be who knows what.

Fujitsu departed a little while after disowning and sending on gardening leave one of their senior execs in the program who showed a nice set of slides of a supertanker foundering in heavy seas; Accenture announced, IIRC, that they had taken the offer because the huge amounts of money that seemed to be involved made them salivate, but after some consideration they had no idea how to do whatever it was that they might be being asked to do, and they were better off to take their merely large losses and go and do something else, and CSC must be feeling a little dubious at this point.

May we now go back to what we were doing before this distraction started, please?

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