back to article Privacy watchdog pack demands Facebook close the 'app gap'

A small mob of privacy advocacy groups have called on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to do more to protect user privacy by giving users more control over the way their personal information is turned over to third parties. In a letter sent Wednesday, the groups – which included the Center for Democracy and Technology and the …


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Thought you meant the iPhone App Gap

I know it's only a mobile app, but the facebook iPhone app also leaves a lot to be desired in terms of privacy. It's nigh-on impossible to find any sort of security setting or control anywhere in it.

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Why don't...

All of these various fragmented, diluted and mewing electronic privacy groups combine into one and present a single coherent and unified message. Otherwise isn't there a danger that they are all ignored and dismissed like an annoying buzzing fly, rather than as serious spokespeople for the monitoring and actioning of supposed privacy violations.


Good idea.

All these businesses that sell things like mobile phones? Let's combine them too. And computer vendors and then, while we're at it, all vendors of similar items should get combined. Only one car manufacturer. Only one shipping company. Think of the simplicity!

When we've finished that, we could combine all these pesky countries that say different things, and get rid of all these conflicting governments.

Sounds like paradise!


Fer cryin' out loud

Do! Not! Oh, no. Now your the-novelty-wore-off-looong-ago Yahoo! Headlines! have me at it like some Brian Blessed wannabee.

Anyhoo: Don't put anything on Facebook you wouldn't want world+dog, through accident or devious design, to see on Google. Please.

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