back to article Java father Gosling backs managed runtime gallop

Java father James Gosling has endorsed plans to juice managed runtimes on Linux from a company that was once at loggerheads with Sun Microsystems over his beloved language. Gosling has said he's "excited" by the Managed Runtime Initiative, which involves code contributions from Java appliance specialist Azul Systems, saying …


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So, where's the download link for this super-fast JDK then ? Or is it just vapour ?

Anonymous Coward

it isn't just a jdk

Azul has a real device that has been around for some time. There solution involves a custom kernel and custom processor with 864 cores and a number of other tricks to give you some very high density super computing.

I've only seen it used in anger once and a 3 Unit wide Azul system replaced 54 sun servers



I hate managed code with a passion.

It is a useless cpu cycle-burner.

Dammit Gosling! you should have invented Java, yes, but as a replacement for C++ with a native compiler.

Instead Java led to .NET and the bloated mania. Gosling should have been slapped in the face when he proposed the JVM.

Look at the Droid or the Iphone, they run fast because they are made of C++, until the iphone any other phone was a walking disaster.

Warning! The same goes for Python, the PHP's of the world and the like, any other high-level complex language. There should be a compiler! I want my CPU's to burn machine code and save precious memory!

Stupid MS got it right with the VB 5/6 compiler, but they wanted to be as cool as SUN and invented their new language to be run on a VM.

Then comes the mono guys and make the same mistake, instead of producing a compiler for C# they make a brand new stupid VM slow and bloated on Linux (the JVM was enough!) But the funny thing with mono is that because Jobs forbids the JVM crap on the iphone/ipad, the mono guys made a compiler for c# so mono apps can be used on the iphone at full speed.

Where is that compiler for Linux/Win platforms? That would be a huge advantage over MS .NET, but again they want to be as cool as Gosling. Gosh they all should be slapped again and again.

Did you notice I hate managed code?


Managed code changed it all

>Dammit Gosling! you should have invented Java, yes, but as a replacement for C++ with

>a native compiler.

One of the big things to me in Java is that you can take the same binary and run it anywhere, you would loose that if you compile to native code...

>Look at the Droid or the Iphone, they run fast because they are made of C++, until the >iphone any other phone was a walking disaster.

Doesn't the Droid have the same philosophy?

Adroid uses Java as a programming language and my understanding it that they had to create they own VM for avoid having to pay royalties to Sun but it is a VM at the end of the day...


The core of the droid is all C++

Only the user-land apps are JVM AFAIK.

Who cares about binary compatibility of the final executable, all you have to do is produce the compiler for another platform.

At the end of the day the JVM has to be ported, and the native libraries (the ones written in C+, the ones that provide the "experience") have to be ported too.

So what is the gain at the end of the day? Some minimal convenience? Try to run a JVM app from the PC on a Blackberry or the Droid. The compile once and run everywhere only works for console apps... on computers, big clunky computers, fast computers, rendered crappy slow by the evil JVM!

By the way the Droid suffers from the memory bloated runtime. Ask any droid user about app memory.

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