back to article Revamped Xbox 360 spied on Italian web

Is this the next Xbox 360? Italian website Console Tribe certainly seems to think so after spotting the image on local retail sites, writing about it and then noting that said sites all took the banner down. Xbox 360 mk 2 Xbox 360 mk 2 - as shown by Console Tribe Confirmation, the site says, surely? Possibly. We'd just …


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Gamers = Idiots. (or so Microsoft think)

Woo, a not very slim Xbox, with wait for it, Wifi...

I would also expect it to be just as unreliable as the current one.

Do Microsoft think gamers are idiots? I mean do they REALLY expect gamers to buy this, considering it's a only a minor upgrade to the existing model? Their track record for making hardware is not exactly spectacular. The first Xbox was a total disaster, the 360 was launched prematurely, with no Blu-Ray, no Wifi, no HDMI and it barely worked. They patched Wifi in later, with an overpriced dongle option, they made everyone that wanted HDMI buy a new console (the HDMI wasn't even upto date), and in 5 years, they have only made small inroads into improving reliability. You can also bet this uses Microsoft proprietary overpriced storage

They clearly think gamers ARE idiots if they expect then queue up at midnight to get themselves burnt all over again....


Gamers = Idiots (or so Microsoft's customers have proven)

XBox sales figures would seem to suggest that some gamers are indeed idiots. Notably, those that choose to purchase Microsoft products. Not ALL gamers are idiots of course, some choose Sony or Nintendo products instead, for example.

Some choose none/both/all of course. I'm not quite sure what THAT proves, if anything.

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