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A start-up called Kaminario has a new spin on in-memory datasets with its K2 DRAM-based grid of storage nodes having no single point of failure, unlike Texas Memory Systems, it says, and being cheaper than flash-based million-IOPS products. The idea is an old one: hold application data sets in externally-attached, solid-state …


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Again missing a few facts

The TMS RamSans have duplicate controllers internally. The internal components are RAIDed at the chip level as well as having ECC and chipKill technologies . We get redundancy for the backplane the same way Kaminario does, by having more than one system. For customers that require that full redundancy we sell them two that they use RAID 1 to mirror. RamSans are configured using an easy to use web based GUI interface. From box to being used takes about 30 minutes.

Our RamSan440 is DDR RAM based with up to 512 gigabytes of fully usable capacity that provides 600,000 IOPS at 15 microsecond latency. We can provide 1,200,000 IOPS in 6U of space using the RamSan440. Two RamSan630s, again in 6u, can give you 1,000,000 IOPS at 80 microsecond write and 250 microsecond read times if you don't like the price on the RamSan440 but still want the IOPS.

All our numbers are backed up by published SPC-1 results. I don't see any certified published results from Kaminario, just a bit of hand waving. Afraid Kaminario has a bit more mountain to go.

Mike Ault

(Mike works for TMS)

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