back to article Ireland publishes proposed data breach notification rules

Irish organisations which lose the personal data of more than 100 people will have to report the data security breach to the authorities, according to new rules proposed by that country's privacy regulator. The proposal will force the declaration of data losses to Ireland's Data Protection Commissioner in all cases in which …


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  1. Refugee from Windows

    Toothless Wonders

    I wonder if our regulators in the UK would dare follow this lead from the Irish? Thought not, it'd show up too many breaches by HMG.

  2. Greg Kerr


    So technically speaking a typical phone loss would have to be reported?

  3. Sooty

    why more than 100

    If they lose a single person's personal data, they should have to report it!

  4. Caff

    less than 100


    Read the full article, they only get away with not reporting less than 100 when the information lost is trivial.

    "Even when an organisation loses the data of fewer than 100 people they must report an incident if that information includes sensitive personal data or financial information which could be used to impersonate them."

This topic is closed for new posts.

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