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With Freeview HD appearing on more and more sets, this group test is necessarily a snapshot, with a fairly wide range of screen sizes and so forth: LG 42LE5900 Panasonic Viera TXL32D28 Samsung LE40C650 Sharp Aquos LC-46LE821E Sony Bravia KDL-32EX703 Toshiba Regza 40RV753 It’s good to see the technology appearing even …


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You pointed out in an earlier article that a lot of TVs and set top boxes that support YouTube don't allow you to watch the likes of the YouTube 4oD and Demand Five channels. What's the YouTube support on these TVs like as those are the sort of videos people are most likely to want to watch on their TV.

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Where is the Panasonic P50VT20? or the LG 50PK590? Both of these are superior to any of the reviewed models, both have FreeviewHD, DLNA etc and the LG can be had for just over £700.

Pointless review in my opinion.


We didn't say ...

.. that this was a comprehensive roundup of Freeview TVs. It's more of a snapshot, showing some of what's available.

And, to a large extent, we are reliant upon what manufacturers are able to send us, within the timescale for any given article. As has been remarked before, with some kit the answer from manufacturers has been "Go and look in John Lewis," which is hardly a suitable basis for a review.

I'm sorry we didn't include the sets that you personally are looking at, but that doesn't mean that other readers won't be interested in some of these, or indeed that we won't look at other models in future.

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