back to article Google polishes its Microsoft browser

Google has released an official beta version of Chrome Frame, the Internet Explorer plug-in that turns Microsoft's browser into a Google browser. According to Google, the beta includes more than 200 bug fixes meant to improve security, stability, and performance, and to ensure that – whether Microsoft likes it or not – Chrome …


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Paris Hilton

Chrome is only better at some things...

How does google frame perform at Flying Images browser test from Microsoft?

//Paris... because some might think she is a downgrade.

Anonymous Coward

some things just done right

I often end up going back to IE, despite my best attempts to escape it. It's because they get the little annoyances right. For example, when I close my IE window, the download doesn't quit (like Chrome). Also, I like to have my pages zoomed in a couple of notches to cut down on the eystrain. IE remembers the zoom level permanently, whereas Firefox and Chrome seem to trumpet as a 'feature' the fact that you have to rezoom on every new site you visit. If you visit a lot of sites via Reddit/Digg or whatever, this gets old *fast*. One more - I've noticed recently that Flash player keeps failing on Chrome with that 'unresponsive interface 'bug. Fine on IE though.

Having dropped Firefox last year for being excrutiatingly slow while Chrome and IE8 were bloody quick, I'm now back on it trying again as it seems to be almost as fast as Chrome now. Let's hope nothing more than the zoom problem crops up to drag me kicking & screaming back to IE!

Thumb Down

Turd polish

No need to say anymore


So what

happens if Microsoft decide to create a plugin for Google Chrome? Will everyone start banging on Microsoft's door and start saying Microsoft are being monopolistic again?


Blackhole of html dispair

But what if you were running IE with chrome wave plugin, and you then use your IE plugin would it recurse? Leaving you with the lowest common denominator of pure despair?

Or would it just whimper out in a pathetic excuse of sub elements, like some poor fool who just realized that office products really BS'ed about handling that type of stuff.

Inquiring minds need to know...

(Yes that's mine, the white one with all the straps)

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