back to article Novell wants a piece of Sun Oracle

Everybody wants a piece of the former Sun Microsystems, now the server, storage, and operating system arm of software giant Oracle. And starting today, that list of piranhas swimming after Sun includes struggling commercial Linux distributor and systems software maker Novell. Sun's customers have been jumpy for so long that …


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"In any event, Novell needs to capitalize on the uncertainty around Oracle's plans for the Sun lineup and at the same time shore up its own struggling Linux business on servers and identity management software"

I was under the impression the Linux side of Novell was doing quite nicely - making money and growing year on year - and that it was the old Netware side that was struggling.


SuSE Quality

...has been abysmal recently. Instead of fancy marketing programs aimed at competitors they should focus on the reliability of their own products first.

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