back to article Yahoo! hooks up to Facebook blabberstream

A mere two weeks after criticism of its attitude to privacy forced Facebook to make major changes, it's back to encouraging users to publish more about themselves to more people for the dominant social network. It has implemented a deal with Yahoo! to cross-publish updates across both networks. "This means you can see your …


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Damn my cynicism

"Yahoo! is deeply committed to privacy..."

Not that I believe Yahoo at all, but has Facebook ever dared make such a claim? Just a thought....

And any bets on how long it will take for some "error" to creep in that means ALL of your info on Facebook will be readily searchable from Yahoo? A couple of weeks? A month maybe?

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The bitches don't want privacy

Users on Y! sites like flickr are continually yammering for sites to give up their users privacy in the interests of teenage stalking and snooping. To allow FB twonks free commenting access on flickr accounts etc, etc.

Make no mistake the social networking crowd are as thick as pigshit and not half as pretty.


all turned on by DEFAULT !!!!

it was all set by default t share everything with anyone


this is as bad as google buzz

the options to disable it are hidden

you need to go into you yahoo mail account, then the blue "OPTIONS" and select the "mail options" link to get to the first page

you immediately see the share my updates option box is already selected


then at the bottom of the page IN VERY SMALL PRINT you have two important options

"Disclosure settings" and "show all YAHOO! sources"

click on the show all sources and notice immediately that ALL THE SOURCES ARE SET TO SHARE YOUR UPDATES WITH ANYONE!!!!

you have to go in one by one and select either "no one" or My Connections" from the drop down on the right of each source to have any semblence of privacy

once you have done that , you then have to go throught the whole process again for any sub account

this is just yet another attempt for a portal to grab as much iformation as possible from joe public with little or no benefit for those who's private information is being shared without prior consent

you could possible forgive yahoo for the blunder (assuming it wasn't a premeditated information grab) if GOOGLE had not gone through the same with BUZZ and facebook had not had to changed its updated privacy / sharing policy several times in the last few months

when are people going to realise these tools are not free , you have to give up so much privacy and give away so much information when you sign up

just look at any sign up page and ask yourself why do they need that information and who could they sell it to, before you click accept the terms and conditions and create the account

the other indicator is how easy is it to find the privacy policy and how easy is it to find who they share YOUR DATA with, and most of all CAN YOU UNDERSTAND THE PRIVACY POLICY AND HOW IT APPLIES TO YOU


Big Brother


It was a huge disaster when it started. As an advocate for user privacy, I still get nightmares from the days I spent writing step-by-step instructions for Y!Answers users how to turn off the sharing features.

It now keeps many things private by default, although what seems to be a one-off sharing on one item still opens all Updates permanently.

This week they are turning that around. The default will be private, not shared. It will be possible to select sharing ONE item for Update, without it affecting other items (from the Yahoo! end, at least).

The only blessing in this is that you do not have to give ANY real details at all. Sadly, for Facebook users, who are trying to share with people who actually know them in real life, this is not a viable option. Anyone just wanting to use Yahoo! services is well advised to do so with an alias.


"Friends Only"

Presumably if everything in your FB privacy settings is set to "Friends Only" (or head into the scary Customize territory and select individual friends / friend lists), and untick the option to create a public search profile, then Yahoo will find it difficult to grab and share your stuff.

Assuming you have a Yahoo account in the first place...

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give me strength

""" "This means you can see your Facebook News Feed from your Yahoo! homepage, Yahoo! Mail, and other favorite Yahoo! sites and services," said Yahoo! """

It's bad enough having to see the Facebook news feed on Facebook. Why would you want to see it on any other site? Seriously... is their a legitimate reason why someone would want that?

All it's going to do is provide a permanent distraction from whatever it is you were trying to do on Yahoo (leave, probably)... in which case you might as well just go to Facebook and be distracted there.



the big question is why do they want you to expose these links to other sites and update

the reason is simple, more information = more money

if you provide them with the information that your joe.blogs yahoo account is the same as your fred.blogs facebook account and the same as your phil.blogs twiter account etc, they can then share (probably read sell) that information to others so they can also build more upto date / complete profiles of you

you probably built the seperate named profile in the hope it was harder to link them (or one was work eg linkedin, seperate nickname for your gaming etc) and all this sharing just undoes all that work of keeping thing seperate in one go

all of this has one aim of getting as much information about each person as possible so they can be tracked across multiple social network sites easilly and linking many disimilar named accounts.

this information is then able to sold to anyone (they say shared with carefully selected partners) to see this in action try and find the list of partners or email them and ask them outright who they have "SHARED" you details with and exactly what information about you has been shared

do not expect an answer from them


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Tie up with Facebook and screw your web users

I live in VietNam and frequently visit China - two countries that have blocked, wisely IMHO, Facebook - and as a result web sites that use FB as a login (one is The Daily Beast) are no longer accessible for comments.

Yahoo should be careful as in VietNam it is No. 1 in e-mail here.

Besides FB privacy is so dubious I am extremely careful who gets my core e-mail addresses relying on single use email addresses in case some idiot tries to 'share' FB with me.


It's not the "encouragement" to which I object

it's the force public exposure.

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