back to article Google buys Invite Media, invites protest from rivals

Google upset the online display ad market yesterday, after it confirmed the takeover of Invite Media. Immediately following the buyout, claims of “conflict of interest” were thrown at the world’s largest ad broker. Invite Media currently allows advertisers to buy display ad spots from a wide cross section of ad exchanges, …


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Thin ice...

Google are almost certain to get shafted... but as we saw with MS these things can take years to happen and by then who knows how giant Google is... if they kill all the competition before anyone actually finds them guilty, they win!


Block 'em all,

block 'em all, block 'em all,

the long and the short and the tall,

there'll be no promotion of nicknacks nor potions,

so cheer up my lads block 'em all.

Bless all the host files and ad filters too,

bless wonderful Firefox and adblock bless you.

So we're saying goodbye to them all,

as with my dear Firefox I trawl,

the Internet is ad free if you really want it to be,

So cheer up my lads block 'em all.

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