back to article Yahoo! cloud man rises to CTO

Yahoo! has tapped cloud computing guru Raymie Stata to fill its CTO post. Stata was formerly Yahoo!'s chief architect, playing an instrumental role in the company's move to a common distributed infrastructure. "As Chief Architect, Raymie led transformative efforts to rewire Yahoo!, moving from a set of vertical silos to a …


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really, wow, great, nobody cares

In the words that those at yahoo can understand the company has had a number of failed ventures. One might say yahoo doesn't really know what kind of bleeping company it is.

They are getting into cloud computing now? Wow, at least they aren't late to that party.

Perhaps yahoo can link this to it's social networking site that failed.

On a side note, why are new gmail signups still showing buzz as being enabled. I thought new signups would have buzz disabled by default.

Just wondering.


-Yahoo! gmail???

gmail belongs to Google. What's that to do with Yahoo!?

Cloud is not a new thing at Yahoo!. It's just a private cloud, so hasn't been advertised like all the clouds other companies are trying to get customers to fly in.

Yahoo! started with the technology. Then they bought applications to run on it. Some failed, some did not. Now they're melding the ones they've kept into a one-stop-shop 24/7 web experience for users. They are moving strongly into under-developed markets, where they will be the first international provider, bringing them millions more users for everything. For that they need to keep developing the technology.

Something similar worked fine for Microsoft, which bought, not developed, a lot of the software they became Number One. with. A lot of that was not the best available; but it became the "standard" because it all worked in together, was packaged together, and let users get on with using the application without a big learning curve. Convenience over innovation.

This topic is closed for new posts.


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