back to article Sky TV gets even more demanding

Sky is talking up its new video on demand service, Sky Anytime Plus. Anytime+ gives users access to around 1000 hours of content from channels such a Sky1, Sky Sports, ESPN and National Geographic. There is added focus on film, offering approximately 500 movies on its launch. The service hits all Sky HD boxes via an Over The …


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  1. Christopher W
    Paris Hilton


    They've missed a trick here. Many customers will be tied into contracts with their existing providers and be unwilling to change just to use this service - what's the point if half of your most highly-paying customers can't access the value added features they deserve? Seems a bit rich.

    No doubt their justification is that they'll do some BT Vision style QoS prioritisation to give an assured minimum throughput for the digiboxen, but it still sucks that for people on decent ADSL / ADSL2+ (e.g. Be / O2) who are paying the premium amounts to Sky for telly won't be able to use this.

    Paris, because even she knows when she's getting shafted

  2. David Beck

    Is the modern UK an urban enfranchised culture only?

    Are Sky offering this on their non-LLU broadband? What percentage of the UK do Sky LLU cover anyway? I'm in the boonies and the local exchange is BT only but use Sky for TV as the Freeview signal is also rubbish.

    Is the modern UK an urban enfranchised culture only?

  3. Nigel Whitfield.

    Look on the bright side

    You may not get LLU, but you also don't get car alarms at 3am, loud music from parties in the flat next door, cleaner air, less light pollution, and plenty of other benefits.

    You can vote wherever you live in the UK; but there will always be differences between living in a city and living in the country side. Wouldn't it be dull if life were exactly the same everywhere in the country?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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