back to article Microsoft projects aim to rival Chrome OS

The reorganization of Microsoft's mobile unit disappointed many with its conservatism, putting a division that needs radical thinking more directly under the control of CEO Steve Ballmer, who remains firmly grounded in the traditional Windows business norms. There was scarcely any mention of the projects that could drag …


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Been there before

"...create a version of Windows NT...optimized for multicore ARM or x86 processors..."

I remember when Windows NT was supported on the Alpha and other processors. A project I was involved in sold a system using NT/Alpha and then MS dropped support for non-x86, somewhat screwing over our customer.

So the lesson today boys & girls is that Windows is maybe adequate for use a beefy x86 box (oh yes, viruses excluded), but forget anything else.

Jobs Horns

Who cares?

As long as Stevie "I'm gonna f*&king kill Google" Balmy Ballmer remains at the helm of the sinking trainwreck who cares?


innovation ?

"ServiceOS manages many resources from the processor and memory to devices like cameras and network bandwidth"

So that's like *every other modern operating system in the world* then ?

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