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Samsung says the Monte provides the style and performance of a high-end handset at an affordable price. Oh really? Sure, the headline features are quite impressive. HSDPA, Wi-Fi, GPS, motion sensor, an emphasis on social networking with support for Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Bebo. There's MS Exchange ActiveSync support for …


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65% for all these features?

I bought this phone for my wife for 150 euro and she loves it. Name me one other phone with a nice capacitive AMOLED screen and wifi for that price?

Off course this phone cannot compete with a high end smartphone that costs twice as much. Probably you get the phones for free and don't worry about price.

What I'd like to suggest is that you take pricing into account when rating phones, or list superior alternatives in the same price range.

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might not be capacitive

but a resistive android GW620 is a far better option. There is no expandability on this phone. Fairly useless really. You can get an omnia pro (scala model unfortunately) for £50 more and that is a proper fully fledged smartphone.

Fairly useless phone IMHO.

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£100 at Phones 4 U

Much as I hate Phones 4 U (the TV adverts really get on my nerves) I bought one of these for my teenage daughter for only £100. At that price it is very good value, she loves it and I must admit that it appears to be a lot more responsive than my HTC Hero. So maybe its not the perfect business phone, but its a pretty good semi-smartphone for the younger generation.


Pretty poor review?

This phone is doing exactly what it intends to do very well in my opinion

My wife has just bought one of these also for £100 pay as you go . . Cheap as chips. She loves it!! It has oodles for that money, particularly for someone who could not care LESS about downloading apps to make your phone connect ro ftp sites or set your sky to record whilst on the loo! (yes I have an android).

Yes it would be useless for some people, but not everyone is a techy!

Perhaps some thought into who the phone would be aimed at is required, but then I guess this is a "techy" website :-)

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