back to article Laws puts brakes on gov IT spending

David Laws, chief secretary to the treasury, and Francis Maude will jointly chair the "Efficiency Group" in order to help government departments renegotiate contracts with suppliers. The group will also put a freeze on what they call "unnecessary" IT, advertising and consultancy spending over £1m. Presumably someone else will …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    It seems reasonable for a new government to have opportunity to destroy and rebuild.

    I hope the rebuild is not too far away in the future.

  2. Adam Salisbury
    Thumb Up

    If it gets snouts out of troughs

    ...And fingers out of pies then I'm all for it

  3. David Ward 1

    Fast-Track recreuitment is still open for business..

    Based on a phone call yesterday afternoon to a civil service recruiter they heard at lunchtime that the fast-track recruitment track is not affected by the recruitment freeze either..

  4. TkH11


    Wait for the strikes as the Unions start baring their teeth.

  5. irish donkey

    This is gonna hurt - A lot

    nobody is happy with the way things have to go. A lot of good people are gonna loose their jobs and with very little chance of getting another one at their current rate. Nobody should applaud the cuts because even if you are lucky enough to keep your job it will hurt you somewhere whether it is increased Tax or NI or your local pub closing down because nobody can afford to drink there.

    This is a situation created by the greed of the banks... but on a lighter note it's nice to see the banks making a killing again and paying bonuses

    The banks need to be brought to heel and I will applaud legislation that will ensure the bank pay to clear up the mess they have created.

  6. Gulfie

    Short term gains only...

    Without a fundamental shift in policy - to build a central government IT unit - IT costs will not change in the long run. All that's happened is that somebody has hit the 'pause' button. It'll soon be back to business as usual.

    1. ElFatbob
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      don't be fooled...

      'This is a situation created by the greed of the banks... but on a lighter note it's nice to see the banks making a killing again and paying bonuses'

      It wasn't created by the banks. The Labour government payed for it's 'progressive' policies on tick for years - on the back of a bubble they helped the banks create and which we are all going to now pay for.

      And we let them because the nice warm (but false) feeling of wealth (e.g. high house prices)created through easy to obtain and cheap credit told us it would be alright.

      'A lot of good people are gonna loose their jobs and with very little chance of getting another one at their current rate.'

      Yes you're right, and that's the sad reality. You should be directing your anger against the profligate administration (Labour) that brought this about. Instead of creating wealth and employment through the creation of wealth, they spent the wealth and then a good bit more creating jobs in the non wealth producing public sector.

      Sadly the people who are most likely to vote Labour are also most likely to end up being betrayed by them (by losing the jobs that Labour created, but that were only ever going to be temporary).

      Sure, everyone wants better public services, but the thing is, you have to create the wealth before you can re-distribute it.

      I think of it like this - if you make £1000 a month, do you think it's acceptable to spend £2500 on a standard of living that you think you deserve, by borrowing £1500 from Uncle Jo down the road (who works hard and saves all his money)? And when he gets a bit shirty, you offer to only borrow £1300 a month (not even pay anything back)?

      Doesn't sound fair, but that's exactly what we're doing. Chinese savers who, if they are lucky have a fraction of our public services, are funding a large part of our 'essential public services'.

      And you would cry if you saw the number of schools and hospitals that could be built, kitted and staffed with just the INTEREST we'll be paying on this little lot...

      The reality of the shite Labour have left us in is going to be very apparent very soon.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Ah! Still fast-tracking?

    Ah well, hopes of public service with integrity seem to be dashed after all.

    All that fast-track does is let the one's with influence create a conduit for their own offspring anyway. Privilege would appear to be beyond cuts and so forth.

    So as far as ConDem goes: no change on that one then?

  8. Dale 3


    When I read "Promises cuts, hiring freeze", I though that meant they were cutting baseless and unattainable promises, along with the freeze on hiring. How disappointing.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @This is gonna hurt - A lot #

    ?This is a situation created by the greed of the banks... but on a lighter note it's nice to see the banks making a killing again and paying bonuses?

    Er no. It wasn't. Gordon Brown stood in Mansion House five years ago positively encouraging the banks to lend more to people who couldn't afford to pay it back. Then he allowed US investment banks to play fast and loose in the UK, in a way they weren't allowed to in the US, which forced the US to water down controls to stay competitive.

    I'm afraid it's Gordon's comedy economics that has caused the problem. The government even seeded the anti bankers publicity to divert attention. Fred Goodwin, who only did what Gordon suggested, had to leave the country to avoid being murdered, because of the furore the Labour Party spin doctors put out to hide their guilt.

    Gordon, Ed Balls and all the other socialists get their chance now and again, and instantly try to fulfill their lifelong dream. "We can just take from the rich and give to the poor and everyone will be equal" takes over, and they bankrupt the country.

    Gordon would've done it much earlier, had...

    1. John Major not been right when he said no incoming government had ever inherited such a benevolent set of financial statistics.

    2. Tony Blair forced him to keep to Tory spending plans for the majority of the first parliament.

    3. Brown hadn't had so far to fall because of it, which took a very long time. But once he got loose, he was off!

    This time last year we were borrowing more per month than the entire cost of World War Two to the nation. Gordon truly is a moron, and in fact, he didn't even achieve anything anywhere else either. He is failure incarnate, which would be laughable, were it not my family and friends in the north who will be worst hit by it.

    The sad reality, something that counsellors, diversity consultants and the plethora of public sector non jobs for non entities know in their hearts is that feeling like you've achieved something isn't the same as actually doing so.

    The only reason they get so many votes, is because the people they rely on, are to stupid to realised that socialism makes them worse off, and because he created a welfare state that depended on him.

    Plus Ca Change. I don't particularly like them either but the Tory party rides in again for the 4th time in my lifetime, to rebuild the economy again.

    On the plus side, I have a solution and am just waiting for the Treasury to ring me up. I expect this will happen when George Osborne realises David Laws can't solve it.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Promises, promises...

    What we really want to know, is when they're going to abolish those OFCOM ... brewery people.

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