back to article Novell puts Identity Management into beta

In the wake of its BrainShare EMEA user and partner conference in Amsterdam last week, Novell has opened up the beta for the next iteration of its authentication middleware, Identity Manager 4. The future of Novell's identity and access management software business — and perhaps someone else's if Novell sells pieces of itself …


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Didn't Zen provide this functionality on Novell Directory Services in Netware 4, ooh, about 13 years ago?

Aah, those were the days, Netware everywhere, OS/2, DR-DOS, GEM.......

Wanders off into the distance muttering........

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RE: ZenWorks?

ZENWorks doesn't do user provisioning, although it did, and still does, dynamic user creation on local workstation without needing an AD back-end.

Maybe it's time to actually look at the Novell product line-up and see what they do. NetWare is a very long time ago, and Novell still produces some fantastic (and some not so) software.

The problem is that unless it comes with an install MSI, and a troubleshooting wizard, most IT departments can't work it out.

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