back to article 'Beatles downloader' skanks over to iPhone

The Californian website injuncted for selling Beatles catalogue downloads at 25 cents a pop last year has refused to let a little legal difficulty hamper its progress and has expanded its reach to the iPhone. Last November EMI secured an injunction against and its owner Hank Risan, after a judge rejected claims …


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Are the copies similar enough for Shazam to recognize? Would that be the acid test?


I believe you may be missing the point with your head in that orifice.

So, there's an app that lets you have free access to a massive music library. Let me restate that... FREE. Then, you can pick through this library to make lists YOU like. Not lists some algorithm thinks you like (though they have that too) but YOUR picks. Again, for FREE. If you don't want to make your own lists, you can play someone else's or even lists that they've provided. So what if they attempted to find a way around absurd copyright laws? It was their money to spend on lawyers. Their position may have been a bit out there, I agree, however, without poking and prodding at the law, how will anyone know if there's a way around? Maybe you should just go to the iTunes store and pay your 99 cents/track like the good unquestioning conformist that you are.

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