back to article Carphone Warehouse shoots mobile portal from the hip

Carphone Warehouse is to propagate its own on-device portal, preinstalled on handsets and offering access to content from HipLogic, as well as the inevitable application store. There's actually not a lot of content from HipLogic or Carphone Warehouse but the application will gather information from the usual social-networking …


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Anonymous Coward

Not the first by a long chalk ...

I seem to remember CPW have taken this road before - and long before O2 in 2003. A company called Jingo launched the first mobile content portal - albeit an online offering together with a gateway service - way back in 1999. They got into bed with CPW and were unceremoniously shafted as I recall.

Here's what you said at the time - There's a wiki here too -

Plus ca change ....


The most important question...

Is can we remove this pre-installed carp once we buy the phone, or we stuck with it? One of the few reasons for getting phones from CPW was the ability to buy a subsidised handset free from operator branding without having to pay SIM free prices. Some of Orange's 'customised' phone OS's were horrific parodies of the original OS.

Surely this is a step backwards?

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