back to article BT shrinks phone book to fit in letter boxes

BT is reducing the page size of its phone books to make them fit in letter boxes. We guess this will reduce delivery charges, but it will certainly save paper - about 2,000 tonnes a year. The Phone book is the same height, but the width is trimmed by 31mm to 172mm. And the new edition has a coupon section, to promote discount …


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hardware ?


looks like BT listened to its customers !

without an ipad or a computer booted up handy, I find opening a phonebook and searching for something, is rather refreshing these days. Clever piece of hardware that book, instant download , no waiting time, turn a page, and it's instantly there !! to top it all it's classified as well !

with no batteries required ! what a device ! :D

isn't this part of the site meant for hardware ? or should we expect book reviews from now on :D


A better green solution...

...would be letting people opt out of receiving phone books and directories like Yellow Pages in the first place.

Mine goes into the bin/recycling the same day it arrives, and I've have never found the need to use one in years.

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