back to article Mobile sales soar, but numbers are squishy

Worldwide mobile phone sales are steadily rising, smartphone sales are skyrocketing, and Nokia maintains its lead in both categories. But when you try to dig deeper into the numbers, it all depends on whose numbers you're digging into. Gartner's latest report says that global handset sales to end users grew to 314.7 million …


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Motorola have a handset business which is a lost cause. It has no future. I blame Ed Zander. Anyone says that Nokia are struggling. But compared to Moto they are the best run business in the World. Shame I did like the Startac, Timeport and RAZR.



Motorola went downhill when they were the last to offer digital phones. they tried to make their own chipsets and they failed. The phones based on their chipset were lousy and hardly any carrier even touched them. that was the beginning of the end. At one point, all I had was Motorola phones but that changed when I had four Startac phones in a single day. The first was DOA. The second worked but there was a short in the cable and when you would answer and put the phone to your ear, the power was cut to the bottom half of the phone where the brains were. The third was also DOA and finally the fourth worked; for the first six months.

Motorola was king in the analog days but just a court jester in the digital era.

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