back to article Apple, Rim surpass Motorola handset sales

We've seen the success Apple and Research in Motion (Rim) have had in the smartphone market, but how have they fared in the broader handset arena? Not too shabbily, figures from market watcher iSuppli suggest. It will surprise no one that Nokia and Samsung are the two leading players with Q1 2010 market shares of, respectively …


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iPhone 4 Share

>That slump will be countered by big sales in Q3

I thought Apple had only ordered 24 million handsets in the first year? That's only a 7-8% quarterly marketshare - assuming they are all available and sell in the first quarter of release according to your stats.

I'm sure it will be very good and make lots of money for Apple, but do you have to keep perpetuating the myth that its a dominant handset.

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