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Whenever IT best practice for service management gets a mention, we tend to think of Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). A much longer list of them exists, however. Here’s one I found earlier: ITIL, Application Service Library (ASL), Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF), CoBIT, ISO/IEC 20000, Agile, SSADM, RAD …


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Only any good if it helps the whole organisation

Prince2 is a project management methodology not service management. Also some of the other acronyms relate to other forms of management methodology, not IT Service Management.

ITIL has only just gone to v3 and when I asked I was told that we can expect v3 to be the standard for at least a decade based on previous itteration.

Other than being picky about that sort of thing I tend to agree that certainly in smaller organisations you will just drown in your own red tape trying a full implementation of most of these book learnin' schemes

Even in larger organisations I wonder if a lot of the effort spent on implementing and running these inward looking control based methodologies would perhaps be better spent on giving the customer/end user what they actually want rather than producing a ton of stats to prove that what you have delivered meets your spec.

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Best Endeavours vs Reasonable Endeavours

ITIL now bills itself as "Good Practice", a term far more suited to your sentiments in the article.

When using any of these "frameworks" one must always remember they are just that - a framework fo good practices. Anyone who blindly follows a framework is clearly doomed to fail. The trick is picking the relevant useful elements from the chaff, or to quote a legal friend, it is "about the spirit of the law, not the letter of the law".

Best Practise no longer exists - the variables involved in every business mean there is no longer one right way to do anything.

Long Live Good Practice !!! (and that goes for all the methodologies you name)

Paris? - she knows what's BEST!

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