back to article Nvidia recovering in fiscal Q1

Graphics card and GPU co-processor maker Nvidia has closed out the first quarter of its fiscal 2011 ended on May 2, and showed marked improvement over the pretty terrible results it had this time last year. However, sales were only up a bit sequentially, and Wall Street promptly gave Nvidia's shares a haircut. In Q1, Nvidia …


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not good.

Rabid fanbois and ISVs are the only ones buying NVidia graphics cards right now. They don't have a single new product that compares favorably with ATI options at any price point.

Generally when you release a new product in a competitive field you should have the best product or best value for some period of time. Or at least best price, right?

I hope they know what they're doing with Tegra because their graphics card business shows no signs of recovery.


Good for NVidia

In double floating point performance NVidia's Fermi is 3 times faster than the best ATI product. Fermi is both a GPU and a general purpose processor and it is used to accelerate everything from game physics to drug research. This is a huge selling point and NVIDIA GPUs are showing up in pairs and triplets in workstations. ATI offers an architecure which is suitable only for graphics. Fermi beats that by 10% at least, and offers also physics and high performance computing, something that ATI can do only 5 to 10 times slower.

NVidia has another winner in their hands, and the x86 makers are running scared from the quality and performance of Fermi. It's hard to feel for them, x86 is an old and mediocre architecture which has only been kept alive up by the IBM legacy. The phones and tablets have shown that x86 can be beaten easily by much smaller companies. It's very pleasing to see growing market recognition for superior products like Fermi and ARM. It's much needed competition for x86 and it benefits consumers greatly.

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