back to article NEC kicks out glueless Nehalem EX beast

Like all remaining Itanium vendors aside from HP, NEC is shifting its focus to Intel's new Nehalem-EX Xeon 7500 processors for its big-iron beasts. The times, they are a-changin'. NEC made a big deal about high-end Itanium-based systems in the prior decade, notching up big benchmark wins with its 16-socket "Azuza" and 32- …


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How much to fill her up?

Will it run Quake? :)


Gluless Nehalem EX larger that 4 sockets is a bad thing

Best – GlueLess (requires direct connections)

Power7 to 32 sockets

Nehalem EX up to 4 sockets

Tukwila up to 5 sockets

Good – GlueFull (interconnect switch/bus)

IBM eX5 up to 16 sockets

HP Nehalem EX with “two XNC’s (cross-network connectors)“ up to 8 sockets (DL980 G7)

HP Superdome with SX3000 up to 32 Sockets

Sun(Oracle) SPARC64 and SPARC-CMT

Worst – Chip hopping

Nehalem EX > 4 sockets without proprietary chipset

Tukwila > 5 sockets without HP SX3000 chipset (BL890c)

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