back to article Samsung confirms e-book reader's UK debut

Samsung will release its SNE-60 e-book reader in the "coming months", the consumer electronics giant said today. The SNE-60 first appeared earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as the E6. It has a 6in, 600 x 800, eight-level greyscale E Ink display and on-board Wi-Fi built into is 171 x 120 x 16mm, 315g …


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Anonymous Coward

Looks nice!

Is it a thump-sensitive screen like my Sony?



What is all that GUI cruft doing on the display, where there should just be the book I'm reading ?

Poor experience...


To a point

While I agree that the Samsung UI selection isn't ideal, some of what's on there is what you would see on a book (page, title). I prefer the layout used by the Nook, with a separate bottom touch screen for all the items like music player, font size, TOC, etc.

Still better than iPod. Really love the eInk screens for easy reading. Backlighting is just too much after gazing on my work screen for 10 hours a day. Probably would put it about Kindle too, given support for PDF and ePub.

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