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Virgin offers two simple contract tariffs: one for £10 per month which gives you 1GB of data, and another for £15 which gives you 3GB. Go over that and you will be charged 1.46p per megabyte. Both contracts last for 18 months and both come with a free dongle. Virgin also does one-month contracts, again priced at £10 for 1GB …


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Pointless review?

I'm not sure how useful this review is apart from for anyone who lives near the test sites.

At my home the winners would be O2 and Vodafone. I have no 3 or Orange coverage and very limited T-Mobile coverage. At work the winners would be O2 and Vodafone and 3 - no Orange or T-Mobile at all. Again this is totally useless information to everyone - except my neighbours and work collegues.

Plus the coverage maps are a waste of time as they are rarely accurate.


T-Mobile's result

I thought TMO used 3 masts also?



I have a T-Mobile dongle on £15 p/m PAYG. The connection speed is slow (1Mb/s on average), but it's fair-use policy make it a clear winner if pure speed is not your primary concern.

Once you download over 2Gb in any one month, they will try to stop you streaming media and downloading large files between 4pm and midnight, but it's not that much of a problem.

I can easily download large files and even persuade it to use bittorrent, and can download more that 10GB in a month, with no extra charges.

I agree connection and coverage can be patchy, but unlimited downloads for £15 per month; I'm not complaining too much!

Anonymous Coward

Surprised that you guys liked 3 so unequivocally - maybe you didn't test ...

- I use 3 really intensively. At home and office (distance N. London suburbs) it's fine. In Central London it's mostly unusable. It's something to do with the bandwidth sharing / traffic allocation algorithm. Basically, 3G phone calls take away the broadband-users' capacity.Typically, at about 9.30am it becomes unusable and stays so until evening. Now and then you might get 5 minutes of web.

- Funny symptom: "HSPDA = death". The 3 service widget tells you what speed you're getting, "fast" 3G or "very fast" HSPDA. In Central London, whenever it tries very fast HSPDA it immediately hangs. Then once it has failen back to 3G "fast", you might get some luck for 5 minutes.

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