back to article EMC delivers sub-volume tiering to mid-range

CLARRiiON and Celerra arrays have the ability to automatically move chunks of data inside logical volumes from slow to fast access storage tiers and back again. FAST (Fully-Automated Storage Tiering) currently moves entire logical volumes (LUNs) from, say, high-capacity but slow SATA disk drives to faster drives when the LUN …


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How can one say "EMC delivers" when the last sentence of the article says it'll be available in

Q3 ? Last I checked it's not Q3.

Everyone has known for some time now that the next gen FAST was coming this year.

My question would be what size blocks is EMC working with. I suppose Chuck might be able to answer I expect him to blog on it and I can ask him. 3PAR is using 128MB, IBM is using 1GB, I've never heard what size Compellent uses, so would be curious.

IBM's easy tier technology didn't pan out well in their SPC-1 tests. I suspect other automatic storage tiering technologies will be similar, the array won't be able to react fast enough to take full advantage of the faster tier. I think in the longer term the only solution is a full write through cache layer of SSD.

I wrote about it here:

Automagic storage tiering is supposed to help reduce costs, but somehow IBM managed to come up with a solution that costs 19 times more per SPC-1 IOP with storage tiering on vs traditional 15k RPM drives without SSD.


How many intros?

Now let's get this straight. EMC just pre-announced a FAST2 product that they already pre-announced over a year ago in April 2009.

How many pre-announcements get covered as news these days? Next we'll get an "introduction" announcement. Then a "delivery" announcement. This is media manipulation at its best.

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