back to article Oracle soothes Sun StorageTek tape users

Oracle is giving a huggy-huggy message to StorageTek tape users, telling them not to worry because Oracle believes in tape. Oracle also knows that if it pisses off StorageTek tape users, mostly larger enterprises and mainframe shops, they will not be well disposed towards Larry's company and its products. Keep their tape …


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Liesure Suit Larry....its too little too late

Larry would love to sell STK to EMC but they are not interested.

One casualty of that strategy was StorageTek, a maker of tape storage systems for mainframe computers, which Sun bought for $4 billion in 2005.

"Astonishingly they laid off all the sales people and they laid off all the field service people. They just got rid of them all," he said. "Guess what? Sales dropped. It's breathtaking!"

The result: Sun went from being tied with IBM as the market leader in 2005 to No. 2 in 2009, when its $474 million in sales were about half those of IBM, according to data from IDC.

Now all the Sun reps are only selling Exadata....the management could care less about tape.

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